Kris Constable for Vancouver Quadra

Our Platform

Address key ecological concerns as Vancouver’s local green economy accelerates. Ensure that Bill C-51 is repealed. Repair Canada’s broken democracy. Employ long-term strategies.

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Be a part of building a thriving, green Canadian legacy for future generations.

Meet Kris

Constable is a global security expert, local business and start-up consultant, environmentalist and international technical advisor in privacy law.

Vision Green

Build a powerful green economy. Solve the climate crisis. The only strategy that puts our children first.

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Kris Constable discussing Bill C-51 at all-candidates debateKris Constable Talk

Yesterday our friends at the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) sent out a questionnaire regarding the government’s role in electricity, including “cyber security”. I’m pleased to reply with the Green Party position:   Enhancing Security Against Cyber Attacks i) How would your Government provide leadership on cyber security? A Green government would focus on cyber security […]

September 21st, 2015 For Immediate Release Liberal and Conservative support for C-51 reveals surveillance culture (Vancouver) – “This was the big issue that made me jump into this election,” says Vancouver Quadra Green Party Candidate Kris Constable, a veteran Internet security consultant who knows intimately how wrong-headed Bill C-51 is. “During the Environmental Forum this […]

Vancouver Quadra had the first all-candidates forum at Ryerson United Church​ this afternoon on the environment. Kris’ focus was on reminding the audience that a vote for the Liberals, NDP, or Conservatives, is a vote for tankers and pipelines along our coast. Even if the candidates’ values are in opposition to those things, their decisions […]

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