The Green Party wants to improve labour

I’d like to start by thanking the labour movement for the significant advances they’ve made for human and worker rights in Canada on this Labour Day.

“Unions and labour groups were critical in the advance of human and worker rights in Canada. It is because of the labour movement that we have moved away from the days of child labour to enjoy more equitable compensation, just relations with management, and safer working conditions. I look forward to working with labour and business in the next minority Parliament.

Mary Lou Babineau, Green Party Labour and Employment Critic (Fredericton) and current President of St. Thomas University’s faculty union, continued:

“Unfortunately, Stephen Harper has shown nothing but contempt for the labour movement in Canada: He’s taken a confrontational approach in labour negotiations, slapped heavy reporting obligations on unions in Bill C-377, and in Bill C-51, turned CSIS into a secret police force to spy on the ‘enemies’ of his party. Labour Day reminds us that although we have a lot to celebrate, it is also abundantly clear that we still need the work of the labour movement to build a more fair and equitable society.”

We still have a long way to go, and the Green Party of Canada has a comprehensive Labour plan to move us forward, which includes:

  • Establish a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour under the Canada Labour Code;
  • Advocate for changes in the Canada Labour Code that establish a minimum of three weeks paid vacation and a managed reduction in the standard work week to 35 hours;
  • End the Temporary Foreign Worker Program;
  • Create a domestic employment recruitment program to get willing young Canadians to job opportunities, modeled on how we have been bringing foreign workers to Canadian employers;
  • Support federal ‘anti-scab’ legislation;
  • Support changes to the Employment Standards law to provide equal protection to contract and temporary workers;
  • Strengthen non-union workers’ rights and protections to close the widening gap between union and non-union workplaces;
  • Increase federal inspections and establish stronger deterrents to illegal unpaid overtime work to achieve full compliance with Canada Labour Code standards. This will save money by reducing the costs related to the stress and social impacts of this practice;
  • Change federal labour law to include a requirement that a poster outlining workers’ rights be placed in all federally-regulated workplaces as is the case under all provincial labour laws;
  • Re-establish in law the rights to equal pay for work of equal value;
  • Offer tax rebates to companies that provide on-site daycare, healthy food, and facilities for exercise and commuting by bicycle.

We can only make this happen with your support. Let us know if you want to volunteer or donate to make this happen!